About Russ

Russ J. Alan’s politically conservative articles have appeared on several websites such as USDailyReview.com, USAToday.com, WSJ.com ( Wall Street Journal online) USNews.com, NPR.org and RenewAmerica.com.

Russ served in the former Strategic Air Command (1978-1980) and United States Air Forces in Europe (1980-1982) during the Cold War under Jimmy Carter and President Reagan (1980-1982). He served at Royal Air Force Upper Heyford, England, the air base from which the 1986 F-111 bombings of Moammar Gaddafi in Libya were launched, also one of the NATO bases closed later by Bill Clinton.

After working in mechanical engineering (1983-1992), Russ was involved in business development, marketing, and the financial sector (1992-2001). He then worked in commercial construction (2001-2006).  Currently Russ is an adventurist and a columnist who writes political, economics and business articles.

Russ enjoys playing his baby grand piano, the guitar, mandolin, blues harmonica and other instruments. He enjoys cooking, home beer brewing and gardening.

Visit Russ’s website at RussJAlan.com. You can e-mail him at [email protected] or on Russ J. Alan’s facebook page.