Comparing Modern Conservatives to Our Founding Fathers

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Let’s start praying to Satan. Let’s start telling him where he’s gone wrong, tell him how great Jehovah God is and about the free gift of salvation he can have if he only trusts Jesus. I’m sure he would repent, and then we can throw the Bible away, and there would be peace on earth. Judgement day wouldn’t need to happen.

Let’s go “across the aisle” and teach the demons why our way is right and how they are headed for certain destruction unless they repent.

And while we are at it, let’s preach to the CHOIR the truths they already know day after day.

Just like our forefathers did–they taught the British all about freedom and inalienable rights, and the British came around to their way of thinking, and gave us the country–right?

We are the patriots of our time. Just like our forefathers who “walked across the aisle” and worked out compromises with King George, we can do the same.

Two hundred something years ago they of course didn’t have AM radio, but if they did, I’ll bet they would have had their equivalent of Glenn Beck in the morning, followed by their version of Rush Limbaugh in a powdered wig, from noon till three, followed by a little Sean Hannity kind of guy with a pony tail and wearing tights playing “Let freedom ring” at the top of every hour. The three of them would be convincing the Torries of the error of their way of thinking while Jefferson, Adams, Franklin and those guys were going across the aisle and working out a “bi-partisan” deal with the King. What American Revolution? HUH?

There is no difference between Newt Gingrich, John Adams or Thomas Jefferson and Mike Huckabee, except of course Huckabee has an infomercial on the Fox News Network. Don’t you expect him to say “SET IT AND,”–the hired studio audience would shout back, “FORGET IT!!” while doing their usual synchronized clapping, you know, like Ron Popeil’s infomercial for his chicken roaster?

We self-righteously compare ourselves to the patriots because we read Mark Levin’s book on tyranny and we have a copy of the Constitution in our shirt pockets.

Let me tell you the real difference: Our forefathers won our freedom. We are LOSING IT. The revolutionary soldiers took up arms and risked their lives and WON our freedom–not by compromise, not by “talk talk talk talk, talk”, but by the shedding of blood.

While we are giving equal time to Geraldo Rivera and Bob Beckel (who I could be convinced IS Satan), and on the radio doing our BUY GOLD [in exchange for worthless dollars], GoToMy[SPYWARE].com and Flowers[in a pasteboard box that she arranges herself].com commercials Paul Harvey style, our forefathers are rolling over in their graves, screaming their souls out, “FIGHT THEM!   DON’T  TRY  TO  CONVINCE  THEM,  YOU  ARE   L O S I N G   T H E   C O U N T R Y !!!”

Oh we preach the Bible as the “inerrant word of God“. We believe that Jesus cast demons out of people (He cast seven out of Mary Magdalene), but we don’t believe that kind of thing goes on anymore. We as conservatives just don’t get it that anyone who would vote for killing babies but saving trees and seals, allowing two homosexual men the right to adopt, teaching masturbation, proper condom installation, and homosexual sex to school children, taking away tax-exempt status from Caucasian churches who would dare speak conservative politics from the pulpit, disallowing prayer and Bibles in schools and outlawing the word Christmas while protecting pornography as free speech, legislation that allows divorce for any reason, giving huge cash rewards to wives who seek divorces, break up the American family and create “dead-beat” dads, etc, etc, etc. , but we don’t treat it for what it is–demonic possession. No, instead, we feel like we can teach them the error of their political thinking, or come across the aisle in bi-partisan compromise.Are we going to win this battle against the demonic, Godless communists the way the Hebrew people took the land of Israel, or are we going to continue to lose our freedoms bit by bit and then scratch our heads wondering why “healthy debate” and the democratic process doesn’t work for us over and over again?

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