Congress Will Reduce Size of Federal Government

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In the 2010 congressional elections, conservatives will most certainly win back the majority position in the House and the Senate. Between now and next November, conservatives must carefully choose, nominate, support and elect those conservative candidates who meet specific criteria.

Tea Party conservatives will require from their candidates more than family values, pro-life stance or strong gun rights positions; rather, the criteria is really much more simple.

The ideal member of the coming conservative Congressional majority will:

  • Sponsor only bills which call for the ending of government programs, or propose deregulation or decrease taxation.
  • Vote in favor of all bills which call for the end of any government program (regardless of how seemingly beneficial), propose government deregulation and/or decrease taxation.
  • Vote against all newly proposed government programs, regulatory or increased taxation legislation (regardless of how seemingly beneficial the proposed government program, regulation or increased taxation).
  • Vote against the confirmation and appointment of liberal and leftist Supreme Court Justices
  • Not be influenced by opinions of the mainstream liberal news media.
  • Not be affected by the certain unpopularity among the Democrat minority.
  • Not seek the approval of the Democrat minority.
  • Completely eliminate the word “bi-partisan” from his/her vocabulary.

What Conservatives want for the country is simple–smaller government–the smaller the better. To reach this goal for the federal government, conservatives are taking a strong stand against all new government regulation, regardless of how seemingly beneficial, including such champion causes as tort reform legislation, though long sought after by previous conservative movements, now is rejected as another form of regulation of the private sector. While conservatives believe that lawyers have made a mockery of the judicial system and have all but destroyed the U.S. medical and pharmaceutical industries with outrageous and unreasonable personal injury lawsuits, conservatives recognize that the changes they sought to be achieved through tort reform can be reached slowly and eventually by reforming the judicial system, by the appointment of conservative Supreme Court justices and Attorneys General, without giving the federal government more regulatory power.The goal of the new conservatives: All regulations, taxation, licensing, zoning and any and all other barriers which block a citizen’s rights to of the pursuit of happiness must be systematically dismantled. During the process of stripping away the regulatory power of the federal government, they must defeat all new regulatory legislation, even to the extent that new regulatory legislation which seems beneficial and/or consistent with traditional conservative values must also be blocked.

Conservatives realize that stripping away laws would naturally and eventually result in the lightening of criminal laws which protect citizens from each other, but at the same time, this process would increase citizens’ rights to protect themselves, their families and their properties.

The replacements for the current moderate republican legislators will be conservative leaders who are not interested in making friends with the “mainstream liberal news media” nor gaining the approval of or popularity among the Democrat minority. Conservatives will no longer tolerate the use of the word “bi-partisan” from their new conservative candidates–their new conservative leaders will not even be allowed to us the term in the privacy of their shower–the word must be completely removed from their vocabulary.

The Conservatives’ certain recapture of the majority position in Congress will be a defensive position only. President Obama will be in “lame duck” status. The Democrat minority will then begin sponsoring bills which the Republican majority will not pass, but bills passed by the then Republican majority to end job killing legislation will most definitely be vetoed by the president, at least until 2012, when conservatives get a shot at putting Sarah Palin, Dick Chaney, Newt Gingrich or Joe the Plumber in the White House to take the blame for the economic effects of the Obama administration.

If President Obama gets re-elected for another term and we still have a country here in North America in the year 2016, Obama will have been blamed for the coming economic tsunami throughout the then previous four years, assuming he is not impeached, conservatives will play the offensive position in Congress, and will own the White House for many years to come.

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