In a Twitter, All Blogged Up in the Web

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Ok, I’m on twitter now and each time I log on, I see I have a couple more “followers“. How are they finding me? I guess twitter is a “Social Networking Platform” so I click to follow my “followers“…Is it a status thing to have lotsa “followers“? So I thank ’em by “following” them? Once you have lotsa followers, how do you have time to read all their “tweets” and function as a normal human being, you know, work and everything? Maybe that’s it — what is a normal human being anymore when we all say stuff like “OMG I just twittered my blog! I hope my “followers” got my tweets!” You hear people in the coffee shop: “Yo! How’ve you been! Yeah been a long time…where’ve I been? Upstairs! Yeah man! See you on Facebook! Tweet you later!

Everybody is getting on board. I understand that California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is being referred to as the “twitter-nator” now.

Ok, I finally came around, the other day I set up my Facebook and twitter accounts. Before the day was over, my blogs, immediately upon “publishing“, were instantly tweeting and “auto-posting” to my Facebook “wall” and I got eight followers, all this in like two minutes. Where it’s gonna go I don’t know…

I know people who live on the computer. All their social interactions are done on the keyboard. I know one guy who gets more dates than anybody. He talks about his women fondly, their daily routine, his sex life…you know. The thing is, it’s all on the “web“.

You know, the “web” is a good name for the internet. Ever seen a fly get into a spider web? He can’t get out. The more I spend on the internet, I’m finding I can’t get out. I lose blocks of time. I’m Google-ing. I’m tweeting. I have the TV on Fox News beside me, I have a window up writing this “blog” and I have a “Google” tab and occasionally I will click to “google” something I hear on the TV. There are days I get up and I say, I’ve got to do this and that today, so I can’t get on the internet or I’ll never get off. I drink my coffee, turn on Fox News, then I’ll say, let me just check my “my MYEBAY” screen, and I’ll answer somebody’s question, and then check my twitter and Facebook and its all over…I’m in the WEB. I can’t get out.

So I guess I’m just gonna become a full-time blogger, hope that I keep getting followers, maybe I’ll be discovered. I’ve had some of my stuff picked up by USA Today Online, The Wall Street Journal Online, The Atlanta Journal Constitution Online, and others. Maybe my twitter social network will pay off. Maybe my followers will invite me to fancy parties in places like New York and I’ll meet good looking conservative women…but only on the internet I guess.

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