Taxing Caucasians and Other 2010 Health Care Changes

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OK, so Obama got his government health care. When does he hope to change us?

The Caucasian Tax will begin in July. Citing the new health care law, the federal government will attempt to force tanning salons across the nation to collect a 10% tax from their customers.  African Americans and Hispanics are not affected — they don’t darken the door of a tanning salon.

In September, the federal government thinks they will be able to force insurance companies to sell coverage to people with pre-existing conditions at the same premiums everyone else pays. This may mean that everyone else will be charged the same premium a person eaten up with cancer should pay, or, it could mean that people who have, for example, advanced leukemia, will receive the same medical coverage as someone who is healthy. It will be neither. Instead, the working Americans’ taxes will be raised to cover $5 billion in federal grants to cover just a portion of the cost.  The remaining portion will be collected through fees and taxes on pharmaceutical companies, medical-device companies, and health insurance companies, while bullying them to spend 80% of their premium revenue to pay medical claims.

The federal government plans to give medical coverage, which is not theirs to give, to an additional 32 million people in America (not necessarily American people), but not before the year 2014– just in time for a newly elected conservative president to take office and be blamed for Obama’s hope and change.  Which conservative president do YOU choose for crucifixion?  Sarah Palin?  Mitt Romney?  Newt Gingrich?  Bobby Jindal?  Joe the Plumber?  “Forgive them (Obama voters) for they know not what [he] [did].”

Meanwhile, back at the state capitals, governors in all 50 are deciding whether to set up new health care coverage for small businesses and individuals who do not get coverage at work, to resign, or to plead the 10th Amendment. Oregon’s Governor Ted Kulongoski: “I wake up worrying how I’m going to GET from 2010 to 2014.” No, he’s not a Republican. He’s a democrat.

The new law says that taxpayers will spend about $350 billion on subsidies for 24 million low and middle income people in America (not necessarily American people) to buy insurance independently.

In the free-market system, evil health insurance companies would collect enough premium dollars to pay medical claims, to pay their operating overhead (utilities, salaries, lease payments, etc.) and to realize an immoral 3% to 6% profit.  That was before they had to suddenly insure chronically ill people coming into their door coughing up blood, to pay their first month’s premium after which to be shown the direction to the operating room.

Guy goes into a Los Angeles Allstate office:  “Hi. I’m here to get auto insurance. I’m 17 and I’ve had six wrecks and a DWI this year. Here’s the premium payment my grandmother pays in Hooterville, Missouri on her Buick LeSabre.  This is for my first month.  Now when will you be replacing my candy apple red Mustang Cobra I totalled this morning?”

Also in September, the federal government thinks it can require insurance companies to write new health coverage to children with pre-existing diseases and require parents to keep their computer game addicted adult children on their health insurance plans, up to age 26.  Does this mean that the age of majority will be changed from age 18 to age 26?  Will a 25 year old still be considered a child?  Why age 26?  Why not 46?  Boys are staying at home with their single mothers until they are in their late 40’s (later if they can’t find a girlfriend with an apartment).  Why not 56?

Also in September, taxpayers will be hit up for a $250 rebate each year to each AARP Social Security Senior Citizens Center Medicare recipient whose pharmaceuticals exceed $2700 that year.

You better vote for Obama for a second term.  If you don’t, you will have to hear AARP and the old folks blame your favorite conservative president, ad nauseum, for the fact that until 2019, their insurer is allowed to cut benefits and increase co-payments on their Medicare Advantage plans.  Medicare beneficiaries earning $85,000 or more will pay higher Part B premiums, and this is surely to be blamed on the failed policies of the Plumber administration or whom’s ever.

The federal government thinks that it can also require companies who have 50 or more employees to provide health coverage to all their employees after 2014, or face a fine.  No doubt many of those employees will have pre-existing conditions and terminal illnesses.  Will this mean that companies will layoff more employees, or does it mean that a company won’t hire a person with a pre-existing condition?  If that happens, will the government initiate some new-fangled affirmative action program?  Will American businesses be required to hire a large percentage of chronically ill employees?  Can people with one foot in the grave and another on a banana peel produce better?

Remember, the democrats’ health care bill was 2,400 pages.  We cannot possibly cover all the changes, problems and possibilities the new law will create in one article.

The good thing is, there is still hope.  States can reject this federal mandate.  The majority of the states have already begun actions pertaining to the 10th Amendment to the Constitution.

Is it time to become more involved in politics at local and state levels and vote for governors and state representatives who will fight for states’ sovereignty?


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