Why we now have Obama as president

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We have a new President. President Barack Obama has come to us from a culture of people who know only that they live in a country under a government, and good should come from that government. This culture, while quite knowledgeable of Britney Spears, MP3 players, sports, tv stars and popular music, is ignorant of the qualities which made this the greatest country ever established in the world: Free enterprise, capitalism, freedom to own and control our own private property, the freedom to own weapons to protect ourselves and our property. Those characteristics are being replaced by oppressive federal government regulation of privately owned business, socialism, private property rights being whittled away, the taking away of private property through imminent domain, the criminalization of the use of deadly force to protect one’s family within their own home during a home invasion.

The original intent of the founding fathers regarding the responsibility of the federal government to protect us from foreign invaders is being replaced with the protection of US citizens from themselves and the protection of the rights of foreign invaders. The crater in Manhattan is being passed daily by those who believe we are hated by terrorists because of our presence in Iraq, instead of giving the credit to the terrorists who hated us first because of our alliance with Israel.

Are we too late to take back our government? 57 million voted to head off socialism in this last presidential election; therefore, I say we are not too late. How do we start? How about we don’t take it anymore. How about you oil companies just go drill where you want to? Who’s gonna stop you? You have at least 57 million citizens who will back you. How about you manufacturing companies ignore the wacko pagan environmentalist global warming regulations and start sending smoke through those stacks? Suppose 57 million people don’t send the IRS a tax payment this year other that what they have already had confiscated from their paychecks?

I agree with President Elect Obama when he said “Its time for change:” Lets give him and the oppressive, socialist controlled federal government some changes.

Should we be talking like this? Damned right we should be saying these things. Discussions of this nature were at the breakfast tables in the 1860’s prior to the now historically revised Civil War. Maybe the Civil War never ended…

Its time for the Americans who had their heart broken on November 4th to take their country back.  Who’s with me?


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