Possible Economic Sanctions Against the US Government

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We conservatives write blogs and articles and we post comments at the bottom of others’ blogs and articles. We complain on our blogs, columns, articles and comments about our big oppressive federal government and how everything they do is unconstitutional. As I wrote in my February 21st article, OUR Constitution: Let’s Put It Away, we brilliantly point out the unconstitutionality of whatever they are doing at the moment as if somebody on the left would be moved. We complain that the federal government is making us do this or that, making us pay this tax or that tax and how those taxes are being spent on things we don’t believe in and “won’t somebody stop them from making us do [whatever they are making us do] against our will?“. Just look at all the conservative articles and their titles and headlines. All complaints. Complain, complain, complain. This article is no different I guess.

In our defense, our constant complaining hasn’t been all for nothing. We have heard each other’s complaints and we have united. People who didn’t realize that they were conservative have paid attention to the things we have said and written, and they have joined us, which increased our ranks. Thanks to all this blogging, posting and talking back and forth, we pretty much know what we believe and we are now on the “same page“. As Toby Keith tells us in his song, its time now for “less talk and a lot more action” or in our case, it’s time to TAKE action.

Yes, it’s time for you and I to take action — and I need to stop waiting on you to take action. I need to take action. You need to stop waiting on me. YOU need to take action.

Talk is all over the web about the upcoming 2010 Tax Day Tea Parties. Go ahead — Google it and see for yourself.  Facebook is “a-twitter” with conservatives begging “somebody [else]” to start a tax revolt.

You will find among conservatives the largest tax paying block of the estimated 53 percent of tax payers who actually cut a check on April 15th, because we OWE tax when we get to the bottom of our return, due to the fact that we are capitalists and we own the largest portion of all businesses [which remain] in this country and we work harder than the leftists. Oh and yes, we believe in obeying laws — so much so that when we start hearing somebody suggest that we don’t send the IRS our tax checks on April 15th, it scares us nearly to death. I’m scared right now as I write this article.

Those of us who think that it would be a good idea to withhold our 2009 tax checks are waiting on “someone else” to make the first move, and I don’t mean just to “say” they aren’t sending their tax check, I mean we want them to get up on a podium on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial with a megaphone and announce it into about twenty network microphones, and tear up their check while Fox News zooms in for a closeup shot, as hordes of other conservatives climb up the steps, turn around to face their timid supporters and courageously shred theirs’ as well.

Do we really believe the federal government is taking away our freedoms? Do we believe that they are destroying the free market in this country? Have they regulated the private sector to the point that businesses cannot turn a profit? Have they systematically become more powerful than the individual state governments? Do they really require us taxpayers to finance programs that are diametrically in opposition to our patriotic and religious beliefs? Are they indoctrinating our children into a socialistic and communistic mindset?

If all that is true then the federal government has become our enemy. What is one of the first things we always do when another country becomes our enemy? We put economic sanctions on them. Is it time to sanction the federal government?

Most of us have heard of city or county governments shutting down because their legislatures didn’t come up with a budget by whatever deadline they had. I’ve seen local government offices being closed for a week or so while the governing bodies were in overtime trying to agree on expenditures. For instance, back in August,Jefferson County, Alabama (Birmingham) shutdown due to a municipal bankruptcy. How long would it take the federal government to shutdown if first, more people this year procrastinated until April 15th of next year to mail their checks, and then when April 15th finally comes, tens of millions of angry conservatives don’t mail their taxes at all.

What would they do with us? Put us all in jail? Maybe they will take a few of us to Guantanamo Bay (you know, where they used to keep Islamic terrorists?). Maybe they could waterboard us. What WOULD they do with us all? Maybe they could build a fence around us (the one that was supposed to go on our southern border) and make like a concentration camp for us. My guess is, they will be shutdown and won’t be able to do anything.

I realize I am going too fast for you here. Lets slow down for a minute and think about this. Here is how we handle this. For starters, you aren’t one of those conservatives who rushes out and mails your taxes as soon as you get your W-2’s or whatever are you? If you owe taxes, you should be waiting until April 15th to mail them a check anyway. OK, there’s the start. Everybody who reads this, write your check to the IRS, but hold it until April 15th. Now that you have resolved to do this, try to get everybody you know to resolve to do the same thing. Email or share this article with your friends on Facebook, etc. I just gave you your first New Year’s resolution.

See? That wasn’t so bad now was it? Now for the next step. Start right away finding out where they’re going to have a Tax Day Tea Party that you can attend. I’m not saying that you will go, I’m just saying you are going to start networking to find out where one will be closest to where you will be on April 15th, that’s all (we aren’t moving too fast, remember?).

Now, imagine it’s April 15th, and in this daydream, you could go to the Post Office and mail your IRS Check, OR instead… I don’t know…, maybe attend that Tax Day Tea Party? In this dream, you do in fact go to the tea party and you take the IRS check, and wait for “somebody else” to get up to the microphone and make the first move.

Would “somebody” please make the first move?

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