Re-Examining Obama’s Inauguration Speech

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“There’s Barack Obama, Mama!” “Look! Dat’s Barack Obama!” The children say in Wal-Mart when they see his pictures on those commemorative coffee table books on the “best sellers” book rack, and in the post office when they see him on the new postage stamps.

A young black woman expresses her heavenly anticipation of never having to worry about “paying [her] mortgage” or “putting gas in [her] car” after Obama becomes president.

“What a historic and monumental event! America’s first [African] president!”
, cheers the mainstream media. Visions of reparations and paid-off three-month delinquent adjustable rate Fannie Mae mortgages dance in their heads!

A few hours ago, his worshippers crowded into Washington D.C., many of whom paid thousands of dollars to scalpers, to see this unparalleled, once-in-a-lifetime, universally unprecedented, “in-your-face-YT” event. They were ready for the final civil rights showdown, complete with Reverend Joseph E. Lowery, black civil rights leader from 1960’s Alabama. Everyone was ready to hear Barack Obama, Reverend Farrakhan’s “Messiah”, proclaim to the mountain tops: “IT IS FINISHED! Slavery is dead! The prosperity of the white oppressor has ended!”

Instead, following a botched “oaf of office”, their 44th president announced his vision for them in his long anticipated inaugural address.

He sickened the “anti-Bush crowd” when he thanked the former president for his service.

The anti-American leftists felt betrayed as he proclaimed greatness of America, the most prosperous, powerful nation on Earth, being true to our founding documents, and that we will not apologize for our way of life.

The anti-war movement was ready to fight back when they heard “security“, “…earlier generations who faced down fascism and communism with missiles and tanks, …[we will not] waver in its defense, …we will defeat terrorists, …we honor the heroes who lie in Arlington because they were the guardians of our liberty…”.

He lost the attention of the “self-centered”, by using words like sacrifice, generosity, honesty, humility, restraint, cooperation and concepts such as “the embodiment of the spirit of service, …a willingness to find meaning in something greater than [yourselves]’, …this spirit that must inhabit us all…”.

The “entitlement-mentality” sloths got hungry when he talked about “hard work, greater effort, earning rather than seeking pleasures and leisure, risk-taking, producing,“…long, rugged path…, …giving your all to a difficult task, …spend wisely, …reform bad habits…”, challenges, values, “…this is the price…”.

He exposed the Britney Spears filled minds from our government school system to an accurate history lesson when he talked about our founding fathers, “our ancestors fighting and dying, struggling and sacrificing, working until their hands were raw, “…begin again the work of remaking America…”, patriots that died fighting [in the American Revolution]”, and he quoted George Washington.

He made the atheists and the “separation of church and state” proponents pray for deliverance when he mentioned God and the “scriptures” over and over.

The labor union members didn’t like the suggestion of “…workers who would rather cut their hours than see a friend lose their job.”

There were moments of complete silence as he spoke, some weak applause. Some proactively got up and left to beat the crowd.

Elizabeth Alexander was rushed in to restore the ethnic struggle by reciting her poem which included “boom boxes”.

Reverend Lowery, who we have confirmed is NO RELATION to Dr. Seuss, gave his benediction, but even it failed to significantly restore segregation:

Lord, …we aks you to help us work for that day when
Black will not be aksed to get back,
When brown can stick around,
When yellow will be mellow,
When the red man can get ahead, man
And when white will embrace what is right.

Next time, Reverend, WE WILL.

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