The Communists Took Over While the Sleepers Slept

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They are waiting. They are in a holding pattern, watching, expecting. They know the tsunami is on its way. They are what is left of the good conservative men and women in what used to be a free nation. There are few of them. Just like Jesus taught, “wide is the path that leads to destruction and many will find it, but narrow is the way [of the righteous] and few will find it”.

The conservative men and women I speak of consists of a minority who have been fighting since the 1960’s to hold on to the freedoms intended by our founding fathers, and now also include former sleepers; those who believed in God and the freedoms He intended for us, and this formerly free nation He gave us, but did nothing while the Marxist-Leninist socialists were moving the chess pieces planning for the ultimate move, checkmate. It has been taught, “The only thing that must happen for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing“; and that’s what they did for the last 50 years, nothing.The sleepers worked their office jobs, listened to their FM stereos to their favorite music. They attended symphonies and theatre. They attended church or synagogue on Sunday where from the pulpit, matters political were taboo. They left their worship services and went to restaurants to eat lunch, then home to watch golf or football on TV from the comfort of their Lazyboys. They left politics and any concern about the direction of the nation to the legislators they elected, always thinking, if anything goes wrong, they could take care of it at the polls on election day, or until then, others could call their senators’ or representatives’ offices and spout their opinion. They never listened to conservative news people, neither did they question the socialist media. God said in the Bible,”My people are destroyed for their lack of knowledge”.

Now we, the fighters since the 60’s, along with the now sobered-up sleepers, wait. We work our soon to be nationalized jobs, we are still paying the soon to be 70 to 90 percent tax rates. Those of us who care about our credit ratings, are paying our conventional mortgages without 30, 60 or 90 day lates and are not asking for any bail-outs. We are living our normal looking lives, but we know all hell is about to break out.President elect Obama will have his inauguration in a couple of months. He will swear to uphold the Constitution. He will be lying; or, will he be suddenly telling the truth, and was he lying when he proclaimed that the framers of the Constitution made fundamental errors and implied that the Constitution is a flawed document which did not address the “redistribution of wealth”? Will he suddenly want to “uphold” the Constitution?… and the socialists go “Enron-Dick Chaney-Carl Rove-Blackwater…”, you know the spill.What will the current sleepers do when their 18 to 25 year old brats, formerly baby sat by government schools, who gave them constant communist indoctrination with all their revisionist’s history lessons, have to report for the first day of their mandatory service in Obama’s “Civilian National Security Force”, which will be similar to Hitler’s “Schutzstaffel” or “SS“, the Nazi civilian force who unquestioningly obeyed der Fuhrer in Nazi Germany? What will the NRA and the Second Amendment people do when that Security force shows up at their door and insist they turn over their guns and rifles? Will they lay down? Will they take it?

The time for looking to representatives in Congress to save our country is over. We have no representatives. Attention “Dixiecrats”… NEWS FLASH: There are no more of your Grandpa’s Democrats… only Marxists. Socialists. Anti-Capitalists.

We are our only representatives. We must represent ourselves or we will completely lose this nation to the Communists.

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