The End of Talk Radio…Could it be good for Conservatives?

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Until the mid 1980’s, communist sympathetic, liberal talk show hosts and National Public Radio were on AM radio, with the exception of Paul Harvey and the usual church services and preachers.

I remember having an itch I couldn’t scratch, a feeling of discontent I couldn’t describe, a lingering contempt for government bureaucrats, and the inability to share my pain with anyone…and then appeared Rush Limbaugh in 1986. Suddenly I wasn’t alone. He said the things I had been feeling. Rush was conservative “when conservatism wasn’t cool.“ He got a TV show and a new wife who designed men’s ties (Sorry to bring up bad memories Rush). All the Southern Baptist men wore the a multi-colored, neon “Rush Limbaugh Power Ties”. As conservatism became more fashionable and profitable, more and more conservative radio shows went on the airwaves.

Do you realize that if it hadn’t been for Rush Limbaugh, we wouldn’t now hear Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Glenn Beck (who would be number one if he only had more radio stations), Neil Boortz, not even Michael Reagan. The list is now endless and includes personalities such as Mike Gallagher, Michael Medved, Dennis Prater, Michael Savage, Fox News, even Dennis Miller is a conservative now! It’s incredible all this conservative talk, talk, talk, talk, – talk, talk, talk.

Now we are all so afraid that the “Fairness Doctrine” will be resurrected, and the leftist lawmakers will surely stop the talk. To this I say “SO WHAT IF THEY DO?…WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE? FIRST AMENDMENT SHMIRST SH’AMENDMENT!

Since Rush went on the air, we have had twenty-three years of talk, and look at where it got us:
a country divided straight down the middle, two sides completely polarized, our election system defrauded, a Marxist President [elect], a socialist majority in congress and free enterprise sacrificed to the Goddess Mother Earth! All we had was John “Across the Aisle” “Amnesty” “Feingold” McCain. I love you Rush and guys, and I agree with all of you completely, but it’s time for more than “talking”. It‘s time to start “DO-ING”.

Only a small percentage of politically conservative US citizens listen to talk radio. Those of us who do have been regularly emboldened and educated by our conservative leaders who have kept us informed, encouraged to get to the polls, to send mail, email and phone calls to our representatives, and taught how to intelligently discuss politics with our families, friends and associates. Still we lose battle after battle against the democrats. The majority of those who listen to AM radio at all, listen to sports. The socialist minded democrat voter will not be converted to conservatism in any significant numbers, and converting the undecideds will not have a significant result.

You’ve heard of Farrakhan’s “Million Man March” (which reminds me of the EIB Network’s parity, “Million Man Math Made EASY!”). Maybe we need a “Fifty-Seven Million Conservatives March on Washington DC”? How about we do as Glenn Beck said and take pitch forks, torches and maybe [items mentioned in the Second Amendment] and throw the communists out? You say, “Wait Wait now! The military will be called in!” You mean the military that will SPLIT in half if that were to happen? That’s right, it’ll split in half just like the country has, and so will the police force! Anyway…we have the NRA! They would be glad to be our military leaders. Again, I’m not proposing these things, but as Glenn would say, “I’m just ‘sayin’…”

How many would jump on board if a boycott of the IRS were to be started?

What if Rush, Mark, Sean, Glenn, Ann Coulter (hereafter referred to as “The Secret Love Of My Life”), all got together and started a new broadcast network of their own? Look out Ted Turner!

Lets take back our country. We could then elect Rush to be our president as our founders elected George Washington. With cigar in hand, he may be the next Winston Churchill. Despite what he’s said in the past, I’ll bet he’d accept and be honored.

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