Will Obama Support Hamas Against Israel?

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The Israeli military launched a major air offensive this week on the Gaza Strip. They plan to stop the Iranian backed Hamas missile attacks once and for all. They have promised “All out war”, until all missile attacks have ended. Their ground troops are poised at the border, ready for the orders to storm in. President George W. Bush has indicated his support for Israel once again, as the world once again condemns Israel.

President Bush has been criticized for making foreign policy decisions based on his religious beliefs. Will President Obama favor the enemies of Israel because of HIS religious beliefs?

Barack Obama is Muslim. He said the words “…my Muslim faith...” in his “Freudian slip” during his interview on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos. George immediately corrected him, “you mean your CHRISTIAN faith?!…”.

A Muslim cannot defend Jews against Arabic Palestinians.

You say to me “No, he’s a Christian. He attended Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s church for 20 years!” Has Rev. Wright ever made anti-Semitic remarks and has he done so on numerous recordings? Hmmm.

During his presidential campaign, Obama indicated his desire for the “World Community” to like the United States again. He indicated he would pursue middle east peace talks with Iranian President Ahmadinejad (who has emphatically declared his desire for the destruction of Israel).

The question is, will President Obama join with the world and condemn Israel? Will the new Commander in Chief of the US military send troops to support Hamas? Will he misrepresent the American people as being against the nation of Israel for the first time in US history?

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