Will Trump be President or Not? A Review of the Primary since February

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Its over. I’ll start writing pop culture articles. Americans are tired of liberty, The Constitution and The Bill of Rights. They want fundamental change, to be stripped of their rights, to be lied to, to be ruled. They want Donald Trump. Yes, The Constitution is merely another historical document now. America is tired of it. I hope the democrats make it a federal crime to even SAY the word “constitution”, and when the law is challenged in the Supreme Court, I hope the leftist majority upholds the new law, because I’m tired too.  I’m tired of playing for a losing team:  The “Tea Party”. This “Tea Party”, which includes former Constitutionalist champions such as Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, and Sarah Palin, who are now Donald Trump supporters or “Trumpkins”, a term coined by syndicated radio talk show host Michael Berry, also includes former general election evaders who voted for libertarian Ron Paul in the 2012 Republican Primary, and who didn’t attend the general election to vote for the Republican nominee against Obama after Ron Paul did not win the Republican nomination, and won’t again, if Donald Trump doesn’t get the 2016 Republican nomination.  This is because in 2012, the libertarians’ first choice for president was Ron Paul and their second choice was Obama.  The Trumpkins’ second choice for president is Hillary. On February 20th, the history of the primaries seemed to indicate that Trump would be president because he won the South Carolina Republican Primary.  Ever since the South Carolina Republican Primary was established in 1980, every Republican candidate who ever won there became president with the exception of Newt Gingrich, who dropped out after he won South Carolina.  Also, just like Trump did, Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan both came in 2nd place in Iowa and won New Hampshire.  They both went on to become presidents. On February 29th, Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions shocked Conservatives when he joined the ranks of the Trumpkins, when he surprisingly endorsed Donald Trump, just two weeks after he appeared on the Mark Levin Show defending Ted Cruz against Marco Rubio’s false allegation that Cruz had supported Rubio’s “gang of eight” amnesty for illegal aliens bill. If the Trumpkins get their King, they will find out there won’t be any wall, there won’t be any deportations and no Bill of Rights. He will be another dictator, just like Obama, ruling by executive order, no separation of powers, and he will spend the remainder of his time defending himself against the main stream media (MSM) while the country finishes burning. But all you Trumpkins will be happy ‘cause you got your man, just like the Obama people were. Say he’s gonna take the country back? Yeah he’s gonna TAKE the country. He’s already taken the voters.  His positions on immigration, firearms, abortion, everything, have changed back and forth just like his love life. While not as Constitutionally Conservative as Ted Cruz, due-in-part to his amnesty for illegal aliens agenda, Marco Rubio ran a terrible campaign.  Perhaps if he were more honest about his amnesty agenda, lying that his motivation was to get a bill passed in the Senate so it could be defeated in the House, and lying calling Ted Cruz’s proposed amendments to the bill, which were actually Cruz’s attempts to fill the bill with items that the democrats would not support in order to insure the bill’s defeat in the Senate, and fraudulently calling Cruz’s amendments evidence of Cruz’s support of the bill, surely the democrats who came out to cast ballots for Trump in the open primaries to help the MSM set up Trump for failure against Hillary, would have been Rubio voters – maybe in the general election as well.  Also, instead of staying in the race instead of dropping out and insisting on enduring a humiliation from his former Conservative supporters in his home state of Florida who had turned against him because they were not fooled by his false position, he should have followed Glenn Beck’s advice for a unity ticket with Ted Cruz, to defeat Trump in the Sunshine State. It has been predicted that Donald Trump will NOT win the nomination, because the Republican National Committee (RNC) doesn’t want him to.  Unlike the Trumpkins, the RNC is convinced that Trump will not be able to beat Hillary in the debates and therefore neither in the general election, and as long as Obama doesn’t order Attorney General Loretta Lynch (not a country singer on the Addams Family) to indict Hillary on Halloween and he doesn’t swing in and run third-term to save the democrat party,  Hillary would become president. Unlike the RNC, the democrats want Trump to be the Republican nominee. The propaganda wing of the democrat party, the MSM, will make sure he doesn’t beat Hillary in the general election.  After the primaries are over, the MSM will reveal everything they have found on him but were holding back until they were finished promoting him and making sure he was the Republican nominee. If Trump wins the primary with at least the required 1237 delegates or if he wins the most delegates and if the GOP gives him the nomination instead of giving it to Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, or even John Kasich, he will not beat Hillary in the general election even if there were the possibility he could have, because the MSM will see to it. If Cruz somehow were to win the primary and the GOP were to let him have the nomination, he would’ve been able to beat Hillary in the general but Trump will run 3rd party and Hillary will be president. As of this writing, there still hasn’t been the anticipated Rubio endorsement and transfer of delegates to Ted Cruz.  Perhaps he thinks he will throw back in at the contested Republican Convention and somehow get the nomination.  With whatever he is smoking, perhaps he should run third party as a libertarian – or fourth party if Trump runs third party.  No matter how you slice and dice the Tea Party, whomever the democrat is in the general — Sanders?  Obama? – will be president. Maybe Trump could give Hillary a billion dollars to drop out.  “She would drop out. She would really, really drop out.  It would be very, very, very amazing.  Believe me.”


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