Big Three Bailout: The Democrats’ Dilemma

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The “Big Three” automakers again sit before our legislators praying for bailout funds to save them from a “Lehman Brothers style” failure. Previous talks were postponed prior to and until after Thanksgiving, the reason given by the congressional committee, “the automakers have not made a sufficient case…”, but the real reason General Motors, Chrysler and Ford have not received any of the American peoples’ tyrannically confiscated tax money, is because the Marxist lawmakers honestly do not know what to do.

One option would be to issue sums of money to the automobile manufacturers in the form of grants or loans. But what if the companies use the money wisely, re-structure and become profitable again, the employees stay employed, companies who produce products and services for the auto industry stay successful, unemployment numbers decrease and so on? This is not the goal of the anti-capitalists, so this option is out.

The fact that “no bailout” would mean failure for at least General Motors, costing thousands of democrat voting union member’s jobs, further complicates the democrat’s dilemma, so the next possibility would be for the government to have a “stake” in the automobile companies, nationalizing the industry, which is another dream of the demonazis.

Maybe letting the US auto industry fail is the answer” say some of the legislators. This would cause millions of jobs directly and indirectly involved in the production of motor vehicles to be lost which would plunge our country into unprecedented economic depression, forcing the government to expand welfare programs, creating more widespread public dependence on those programs. Hey what a great idea! The problem with that is, if noone is working, who will pay the taxes needed to fund those utopian programs?

Just like “perpetual motion machines”, communism cannot work.  This is the real dilemma for the democrats.

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