Tea Parties: One of the Greatest things in 2010

One of my favorite writers, Warner Todd Huston, wrote his Dec 28, 2009 article, Tea Parties: the biggest mistake we’ll make in 2010. I offer the following response to my friend Mr. Huston:

I say the biggest mistake we conservatives can make in 2010 is to continue worrying about how we appear to the left, John McCain style, as we have been doing for so many years past. We must stop appeasing the leftists, we must stop caring what they think, we must have the courage of our convictions and the pride to voice it without shame. No more bipartisanship. We need partisanship and plenty of it

Yes, 2000 – 2009, or the “aughts” as our fellow conservative, Mr. Huston, calls them, had some bad times, but they weren’t all bad. They started with the last two years of the administration of President Clinton who sowed the seeds of the “housing bubble” but didn’t weed out the Muslim problem nor take out Osama Bin Laden when he had the chance, and that was bad. The Republicans elected President George W. Bush and we didn’t have a democrat president in the White House when we were attacked by Muslim extremists in 2001, and that was good. We lost many soldiers in Iraq which was bad, but we took out the murderous, weapon of mass destruction, Saddam Hussein, and we killed lots and lots of Muslim extremists, and that was a really good thing. In 2006, Conservatives lost the majority position in congress, and Mike Huckabee, instead of dropping out of the Republican primary and endorsing Mitt Romney, gave us John McCain who became the Republican nominee (bad), who stabbed his running mate, Sarah Palin, in the back and gave up the presidency to Barack Obama, and that was really bad.

The election of Barack Hussein Obama caused the awakening of the sleeping conservatives, the Tea Party movement arose, but not through spontaneity and not by “all sorts of different groups”, but rather, through the work of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Fox News and several others, but more directly, Glenn Beck.

The Tea Party movement doesn’t need to be organized, we are already organized. We are an “organism” like a colony of ants or even better, like the “Borg” on “Star Trek: the Next Generation“. We communicate with each other and act as one, toward a common goal, and just like the Borg, “Resistance is futile — you will be assimilated.” We don’t need a leader. We lead each other. We just so happen to have a few louder voices with further reach among us (see last paragraph).

We don’t care that it raises the blood pressure of the leftists to hear the term “Tea Parties”, we don’t care that it “fills them with disgust”. Conservatives get disgusted when we hear “Al Gore”, “global warming”, “cap and trade”, “health care reform“… do the LEFTISTS care what WE think? Why should I care what THEY think? I want them to get their blood pressure up. The higher the better (actually, the lower the better — I would prefer the leftists have zero blood pressure).

As far as the “herding cats” comment, that may be so when trying to organize conservative democrats (or “blue dogs”) and libertarians, but that’s not an accurate description of organizing Tea Party Conservatives. We are already organized.

Another “worst thing” conservatives could do is vote strictly “Republican” in the November 2010 elections, especially if many of the so-called “blue-dog” democrats follow in the footsteps of Congressman Parker Griffith of Alabama, switch to the Republican party to prevent losing their seats in Congress, as some are predicting will happen in the months leading to the election. The Republican party would just be adding more weak, timid, moderate, appeasing, “bipartisan”, woosies, otherwise known as “RINO’S” (Republicans in name only).

Mr. Huston believes that the Tea Party movement was destined to fail from its inception, and continues to say that the main reason is lack of a leader. If he doesn’t believe we lead ourselves or that Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity or Mark Levin (the latter three are also an “organism”) are the leaders, then I guess he is saying he doesn’t want to lead it either. OK, if that’s the case, I nominate myself — I will lead it. As the leader of the Tea Party, I propose that we rename it the Constitution party or the Conservative party, and effective immediately, we don’t care what the leftists think.

Mr. Huston also says that the Tea Party movement will fail because of lack of campaign funds. Read my December 21, 2009 article, Possible Sanctions Against the U.S. Government; we may just fund our campaign with the funds from our shredded tax checks at our April 15, 2010 Tax Day Tea Parties. You may just be surprised at just how powerful a Tea Party may be.

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