Obama Hits the Ground Running

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President Obama was inaugurated on Tuesday. This is Friday. The Obama administration is three days old.

Right out of the gate, he signed his executive order to close the Guantanamo Bay Detention Facility, and orders a “Blue Ribbon Commission” to determine whether to relocate the prisoners of war to state or federal prisons, to Leavenworth Military Prison in Kansas, or back to their home countries, as was the case with Said Ali al-Shihri,who we have learned has re-emerged as the deputy leader of Al Qaeda’s Yemeni branch, … again killing American soldiers.

It was a great day for Islamic terrorists, who learned yesterday from the new U.S. President that if we capture them, we won’t force them to talk, and they will be tried in our court system and get acquitted because the soldiers didn’t read them their Miranda Rights.

Next, he decided to tackle the Gaza Strip and of course he goes after Israel, as I discussed in my post on December 30th “Will Obama Support Hamas Against Israel“. Obama yesterday sternly told Israel to open its borders with Gaza.

Killing more little babies was his next priority, so he lifted former President Bush’s ban on embryonic stem cell research, because even though you can cure the same diseases with ADULT stem cells, human embryo farms (eggs fertilized in test tubes) take up less space, you can justify abortions more easily, you’ll never have to worry about Roe Vs. Wade being overturned, and you get the feminist vote. He also ended President Reagan’s ban on U.S. government funding for family planning services, clinics or groups that offer abortion services or counseling in other countries.

Today, after Pro-life activists staged a protest at the White House, President Obama reaffirmed his pro-choice stance, stating he remains “…committed to protecting a women’s right to choose…”, “…the government must stay out of these important family decisions” (as if the government stays out of family decisions).

Also today we learned that President Obama’s military killed 18 people on the Afghanistan-Pakistani border, with missiles from one of his spy planes.

What are we going to do tomorrow?

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